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When the fun SocialTouch big wave positions come, looking for strength sent you

ring of recruitment,
interesting Social Touch,
was founded in 2011,
is the era of mobile social enterprise digital marketing solutions provider.
As China first proposed by big data driven marketing company,
when interest has been focused on the field of mobile marketing,
mainly through a set contains the strategic - Software - big data - advertising as one of the marketing solutions to help customers realize the value transformation of mobile marketing,
mobile internet.
When interest has more than 800 employees,
distributed in the wide north,
our team is a combination of scientists and artists,
from the industrys leading public relations,
advertising and marketing company,
but also from the leading domestic and international Internet,
enterprise software and consulting company.
We believe that with technology,
big data support,
you can make marketing more scientific,
so that creativity can be achieved.
In the post M AM/SAM (Beijing / Shanghai / Guangzhou) Responsibilities: 1,