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Today [Shakya Muni]: Arcane longevity Buddha

ring  specify the source of teacher reprinted constellation Tarot eiffel! [method] lucky Saturday May 14th Shakya Muni Buddhas birthday,
also known as Buddha Festival.
It is to select one meal or a vegetarian vegetarian,
to express the respect to Buddha,
today can read namo Amitabha,
help transport,
can help remove all their karma,
good life.
[Shakya Muni] Shakya Muni Buddha named Gautama,
the name is Prince Siddhartha,
North India Kapila Suddhodana the acropolis.
Buddha is the name he belongs to tribal Sakya,
can and Yong; Muni meaning paper and benevolence and silent.
At the age of 29 he went on a cruise,
the face of the old man,
the patient and practitioner,
and deeply pain and impermanence of the earth,
the initiation of monastic ideas.
Shakya Muni is in the 6 years of hunger and penance,
but not always into the road,
and then he went to falgu River bath,
accept the shepherds milk,
porridge and other food,
to recover after go