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She put her feet, toes, and middle fingers together with adhesive tape, and you knew what you were going to do

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we have to wear shoes every day,
the feet are covered with shoes,
over time,
become tense,
bubbling! The easy way to teach you now is not only to relieve the pain in your feet,
but also to make sure the shoes stay the best.
Before in order to prevent foot pain,
there are several methods: the use of clever beeswax waterproof,
put deodorant gel coated heel wall,
these tips can help you walking shoes all day,
still feel comfortable.
If you buy a new pair of shoes,
be sure to follow the ultimate guidelines for shoes,
and your feet will be healthier! 1.
wear high-heeled shoes,
the food toe and middle toe gently stick together.
When you have a cramp in your heel,
try putting your index finger and middle toe,