chrome hearts

Good morning to the flowers of Pinellia

ring eyes,
its another day.
The flower,
pinellia has been to the youth,
the old love easily.
Have you grown up,
is it still good? May you today be mature between the mature and the secular.
Maturity is experienced after epiphany,
and the compromise is secular taste.
The mature trained Rongrubujing,
created a secular mercenary,
made against clouds and mud.
May today be your choice between tolerance and indulgence.
Tolerance is the insight into human nature after the open-minded,
connivance of none of my business.
Inclusive harvest friends,
indulge trouble,
and tolerance.
May you today,
between modesty and vanity,
choose to be open-minded.
Open eyes are looking up,
unlimited scenery in the Xian Feng,
vanity eyes are looking down,
I saw the toes do not distinguish the future.
Modesty makes life go wider and wider.
Vanity makes life narrower and narrower.
It is difficult for people to live up to it.
May today be kind to you,
between wisdom and kindness.
Cleverness is a gift,
kindness is a choice.
The ta