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9 point 1 krypton drops president broke the news, and apple began to play jokes, Zhongguancun daily average of 39 enterprises financing, daily financing 7 billion 300 million yuan

ring  micro signal: wow36kr company Zhongguancun daily average of 3.
9 companies to receive daily financing financing 730 million yuan a quarter of Zhongguancuns total of 352 enterprises to obtain 358 PE/VC investment by the investment amount of 66 billion 170 million yuan,
an increase of 60.
The most promising leading enterprises,
the United States Mission Network and didi travel,
received  billion 300 million in E round of financing and  billion F round of financing.
Overseas mergers and acquisitions of enterprises are more active,
involving a wide range of areas.
In the first quarter,
12 cases of overseas mergers and acquisitions initiated by Zhongguancun enterprises,
an increase of 8 from the same period of last year,
the amount of disclosure of 10 billion 630 million yuan; 12 from overseas mergers and acquisitions,
involving 6 countries and regions in 4 areas.
Such as palm interested in science and technology of 1 billion 100 million yuan acquisition of South Korea Webzen,