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70% at the airport but still not stop losing money China

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CAA data show that more than 70% airports nationwide losses,
loss of up to 2 billion yuan,
all supported by the civil aviation sector subsidies.
There are objective reasons for the difficulty in the development of small and medium-sized airports.
Many small and medium-sized airports in undeveloped and underdeveloped area,
passenger flow of small,
low frequency,
less open routes flights.
Some small airports may have only two flights a week,
but the maintenance and operation of the airport must be carried out as usual.
In addition,
flight area and other large investment,
long payback period,
as high cost.
But the pace of Chinas new airport has not stopped.
Throughout the 12th Five-Year,
large and small airports were added by around 70,
and about 100 airports were expanded or converted.
In the next 15 years,
China will build 1500 more airports,
an average of 100 a year.
Li Jiaxiang,
director of the Civil Aviation Admin